Help & support

Connect to eduroam in two steps

  1. Connect to the wifi network (SSID) "eduroam"; using Android? Select "PWD" as "EAP-method". Windows and Apple select the right EAP method automatically.
  2. You have received a username and password by mail or text message. Enter these and connect to eduroam.

Is this your first time using eduroam?

  • iOS/macOS/Windows: You'll get a notification to validate the eduroam Visitor Access certificate. Check and accept this certificate.
  • Android: no validation required with PWD. If you select a different mechanism, choose "use system certificates" and enter the domain "".


Connect to eduroam with the configuration assistant tool

Should the above not work, use our easy eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT). Here you can download and install an eduroam configuration file for every device.


Code of conduct and netiquette

  • Users are required to adhere to the user regulations enforced by the host organisation where they are using eduroam as a guest.
  • When using eduroam, users are required always to observe the rules of behaviour for online communication (including netiquette), not to break any foreign or Dutch legal obligations, public order regulations, not to act in violation of public decency or to infringe upon the rights of third parties, and not to deal unlawfully with or cause injury to any third parties.
  • Users may use eduroam only by using the access code (the combination of a user name and password) issued by their host. The access code is strictly personal and not transferable. Users are required to keep their password strictly confidential. Where users are aware of any misuse of their access code, they must report this to their host as soon as possible.
  • The host organisation may enforce additional user rules and conditions which guest users must adhere to.